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Party House Living Room Inspiration

So the dream for the living room is to be an open and inviting room that we can all hang out in - and is open enough for other people to feel invited in.  The current living room is pretty un-inviting.  You have to walk around a goofy little wall to get into the room and it becomes a weird stopping point where we end up hanging in the hallway instead of the actually spacious and inviting room.

The living room off of the main entrance at the Parker Palm Springs has been a big influence on how we want the space to feel.  The cozy, comfortable room centered around a statement fireplace is what we are going for.

The living room as it is is the perfect size.  It's big.  I can re-arrange the furniture about a zillion ways unless - of course - you try to arrange around the fireplace.  When we first moved in, I loved the fireplace and the statement it made about the era of the house.

In talking to the architect, keeping this giant and awkward fireplace intact requires rebuilding the thi…

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