Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day :: Just Plain Lucky T-Shirts

:: UPDATE ::
By popular demand, I have uploaded the template for the shirt below.  Click on the small thumbnail and it will show you the full size.  Simply right click to save to desktop and print from there.

This year for St. Patrick's Day I made t-shirts for everyone!  It's truly how we feel too - we are just plain lucky.  These are easy enough for you to make for a crowd - I did!  And I added a little bit of gold to Pearl and my shirts for a bit of shimmer.  The genius of the freezer paper stencil is that the options are endless.

Cutting out the stencil :: Sponging on the paint :: Waiting for paint to dry :: Peeling off the stencil

It's easy - I did four of them in the morning between getting up and lunch time.  That's with interruptions too - so I promise you can do it!  Happy St. Patrick's Day

You'll need
1 t-shirt
1 St. Patrick's Day print out
freezer paper
x-acto knife
iron + ironing board
green fabric paint
gold fabric paint
natural sponge
small paint brush

Step 1 :: Print out the pattern and transfer it to a piece of freezer paper.
Step 2 :: Cut pattern out of freezer paper with the x-acto knife.  The pieces you iron on the shirt will not show any paint
        - Cut out "Just Plain" and the clover first.  Iron on what's left.
        - Then cut out "Lucky" and iron those letters on individually
Step 3 :: Sponge paint onto the shirt within the stencil and let dry.
Step 4 :: Remove stencil and set paint as directed by the paint (mine goes in the dryer for 10 minutes)
Step 5 :: OPTIONAL :: Fill in the word "Lucky" with gold glitter fabric paint using the small paint brush.  Let dry and set as directed.

Click on the thumbnail and the large template will upload.  Print from your browser window.  I used 100% on the adult shirts, 75% on Lars' 4T, and 65% on Pearl's 18 month shirt.


Fullerton Family said...

Hi, this is a super cute stencil, but I can't seem to find the print out!

rebecca said...

These are so sweet! Pinned them on pinterest immediately! :) Rebecca
simple as that

Sarah Sue said...

I cant get the stencil to print out.. :(

SBShea said...

save the image to your desktop, then print.

Jess said...

Are you able to re-use the stencil, or do you have to make one for each shirt? Thanks...super cute!