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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspiration :: Paper Straws

The other day I saw paper straws at Mrs. Cooks and I wanted them.  Wanted them real bad.  But I didn't know what to do with them - other than use them as real straws.  But I have washable straws that I prefer to use with the kids.

But there has to be a cool, tricky use for these straws.   What could it be?  What are you inspired to make/bake/do with them?  Other than just have a bright tin full of them on the counter?


tiff said...

tell me more about reuseable straws.....what are they made of and where did you get yours and are they hard to clean?

Kristin said...

Those are so cute! I just made pinwheels for decor for our little St. Patrick day party and I think they would be super cute sticks on the pinwheels!

reggie said...

Our fam is also so excited about paper straws at the moment....and we compost them! So perfect. THe kids love to drink milk out of them, which is good for all of us!
We've ordered a few times from: http://www.graygoose.com/collections/all/products/paper-straws