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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet Valentines without the sweets

Click through to read more, see details, and make your own CANDY FREE Valentine treats.

Valentine's are a little bit tough for boys.  It's not that they don't dig the parties and the fun cards - but it's the whole "lovey-dovey" aspect of the holiday.  I can pretty easily see a way around it but sometimes I come up with things that are a little crazy so I just have to convince Lars that it's an awesome idea.  

Lucky for me, Minted asked if we wanted to try out their new online class Valentines.  I had already ordered tiny stamps online that had monsters on them.  Narrowing down Minted's choices to monsters made it super simple and he got to do it himself.  Monster stamps + Monster cards = candy free awesomeness for boys to give.

Girl Valentines are less difficult than boys - but put a yellow duck in this bag and you are all boy-ed out.  Because I'm trying to get Pearl to think outside of the princess box, I encouraged her to look at other ideas for Valentine's Day when we ordered these last month.  They are still pink, which makes her happy, but they are a little more fun (for boys and girls) than a princess tiara.  Trust me.  

And if you are going to pull out the puns (which I love) this is the time!  Quack them up!  And speaking of puns...

Personalized pencils are something everyone can use.  And if you don't use a pencil anymore, you are missing out.  Make a mistake?  Erase it!  Use the side and shade things.  Your kids used it on the couch?  No problem!  I love old-school pencils and use them all the time.  Personalize them and you have an awesome gift that people will always remember.

I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!  What are your kids giving their friends?

Monster Valentines c/o Minted.com

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