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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Gardening {Peas}

Over the weekend we got the garden ready for spring.  Mr. Hedin prepared the soil by rototilling and amending the soil as needed while I planned out where everything would be planted.  So far, our weather is only ready for pea seeds, but we're creeping closely upon planting everything else!  

We had a maple tree that needed pruning and I rescued the branches to make a trellis for the peas.  Lars and I turned them into 'pea forts' - making a trellis around three sides and leaving the last side open.  The kids can hang out in there eating peas while I weed and deal with the rest of the garden this summer.  We made two {so they won't argue about who gets to sit in it} and planted snap peas to grow up the branches.  


Jackie said...

Great idea! I am hoping to plant a "sunflower house" with the same idea of having a shady place for the kids to sit

Lulu the Baker said...

Love this idea! We need to get on our pea planting. We always forget about peas until it's too late!

Natalie Shapiro said...

I am so jealous!! I would love a garden!