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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Sabbatical

I decided earlier this year that I was going to not plan anything for the month of August and go up to the beach house on Whidbey Island.  If anyone asked what our summer plans were, I made a point of saying we were 'gone in August.'  I wanted to be able to get away.

It kind of worked.  Things started popping up that we just couldn't miss and 'all of August' dwindled into two weeks.  Two perfect weeks.

It wasn't an escape from laundry, or dishes, or the children - but it was the change of pace that we needed.  We went for boat rides, we hiked out on the low tide, we bowled, we picnicked, we fished, we ate crab, we gardened.  It was perfect.

And now we are refreshed and ready for school to start.  How about you?  Did you do anything special this summer?


poolepartyof5.com said...

Your August Sabbatical is what memories are made of. I also have a difficult time making the commitment to "be away", but I agree that it is so valuable! Well done!

Alexandra Hedin said...

Thank you! It's surprising what a commitment it takes to actually get away! But well worth it.