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Friday, September 06, 2013

Weeknight Dinner :: Bahn Mi Sandwiches

One of my favorite lunches is a Bahn Mi from the local Vietnamese deli.  I totally dig it.  I started making it for dinner because I discovered that if I tell my kids the pork is chicken, they'll eat it.  Plus, they'll eat bread and pickles.  So it's basically a win for all of us.  

Get the recipe for Bahn Mi Sandwiches here.  Bonus - it takes about twenty minutes {as long as you don't forget you're toasting the bread and have to start that all over again}.


Lulu the Baker said...

These look amazing! I love a good Bahn Mi!

Alexandra Hedin said...

I just ate these and I'm still drooling! Must have more.

poolepartyof5.com said...

Will have to try these out on my family! Where is your favorite Vietnamese deli? Ours is the Seattle Deli on 12th. Thanks for posting!