IN for the Hutch :: Lem-IN Drop

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on their annual {super awesome} cocktail party for the Innovators Network.  I got to create the signature cocktail that kicked off the evening.  Of course, I thought of the PERFECT name for it AFTER the party.  AHH!  Frustration.  But at least here, we can call it the Lem-IN Drop {the Innovators Network goes by it's initials - IN}.  So clever.  So late.  

Have one tonight and call it a Lem-IN Drop so at least I can have that moment.  

Will you join us next year for the party?!  I hope so.  Check out the Innovators Network here so we can meet up soon.


Lena Eivy said…
Love it! I'm defiantly going to make this with my girlfriends the next time we all have a night out together. Thanks for the post.
Elissa said…
We were there, the drink was perfect and the "new" name is even better! I recognize your model holding those drinks!
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