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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Driftwood Wreath {an attempt at saving summer}

This summer we spent most of the month of August at the beach on Whidbey Island.  I love being up there.  I love the smell of the salt water and the peacefulness of the beach.  We lose that at the end of every summer when we are relegated to quick weekend trips.  I came up with a strategy this summer while we were there, I'd bring part of summer home with us for the winter.  

I filled buckets with drift wood pieces and drug them home in the back of the car.  Then last week I hot-glued the dry pieces of drift wood to a cardboard wreath form and attached a giant bow from The Land of Nod.  

1 comment:

House Revivals said...

Cute! I'm always loading up my pockets with bits of treasure when we walk on the beach. Maybe a driftwood wreath is in our future?