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Friday, January 17, 2014

Altitude Summit

Next week I am off to Altitude Summit for what seems like my one zillionth time, but is actually my fifth.  In the world of Alt Summit, going for a fifth time makes me a veteran.  As such, I feel like I owe it to those who are attending for their first time to impart a little wisdom.  

Here is what I have learned.

1. Go in with a plan  
Think about why you are going to Alt and what you are hoping to get out of it.  Set a goal.  Even if your goal is just to meet new people and find new blogs to read.  The first year I went I wasn't taking myself seriously as a blogger and I had some major meltdowns as I floundered about wondering what I should be doing with my blog, my life, myself.  

2. Expect some degree of self doubt
And have a plan to get over it.  A room full of bloggers with large readerships, big name sponsors, and fancy clothes cause doubt in even the most experienced blogger.  My first year at Alt I was ready to give the whole thing up and then I met The Jealous Curator on Saturday morning and she said she was feeling the same way.  Since then, I have recognized that others are feeling the same way and I bring something to remind myself of my "regular" life - pictures of the kids, a magazine, anything that gets me out of the funk.

3. Bring coffee.
If you are a "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee" kind of gal, Utah isn't the place for you.  The conference has plenty of coffee, but the rooms at the Grand America do not.  I brought Starbucks Via packets last year and used the hot tap water to get my first cup fix.  Lifesaver.  

4. Make new friends
I can't even tell you how many new friends I have made through Alt.  I debated on listing them all here, but I know I would leave someone out.  So instead I tell you to be prepared to make an outrageous number of new besties.  It's awesome.  

5. Dress for you
There is a lot of talk about what to wear to Alt.  But the key is to dress for yourself.  What makes you feel great?  What makes you confident?  That's what you should wear.  I choose bright colors usually - this year my wardrobe is surprisingly tame.  Also, Utah is cold.  Cold.  Cold.  It's usually full of snow and slush and cold.  It's cold.  Bring something warm so you can cross the street in comfort.  The breakfasts at Little America are old-school-diner-style-dreamy.  

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Lulu the Baker said...

Great tips! I can't believe this will be your 5th year--you're a seasoned pro!

http://monicalee.typepad.com/monicaleestudios/ said...
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poolepartyof5.com said...

Enjoy! I went to my first Alt Summt this summer in San Francisco and was blown away. Alt is such a fantastic time... I'm a little jealous. : )