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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Indoor Hopscotch + The Not Its!

Keeping children busy and not making me crazy while they are home is always a challenge.  And when it's pouring down rain, it's even harder.  Indoor hopscotch/Ikea hack to the rescue.  My kids helped paint the numbers on too - so two projects in one!  Win!  

You'll need
6-10 carpet tiles or Ikea felt chair pads
Fabric Paint
Number Stencils
Duct tape
Non-skid mat

Step 1 :: Paint numbers on the carpet tiles or chair pads and let dry
Step 2 :: Tape the carpet tiles or chair pads together on the backside of each
Step 3 :: Cut non-skid mat to fit under all of the tiles.
Step 4 :: Hop.

While hopping, we are rocking out to The Not Its.  Have you heard them?  It's really great kid music that won't make you go crazy.  Also, if you live in Seattle, they are starting a new kids music and movement class called Rockaboo.  Let's go together!

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HeleynaHolmesPhotography said...

Fun ~ I love the Not It's but have not heard of rockaboo. Would love to check it out!