It's a Salad Bonanza!

I love things from scratch that are also delicious.  But I'm not awesome at making salad dressing.  That's why I love Tessemae's.  Turns out they are also fun and sassy people too - so we're a perfect match.  I'm in love with their salad dressings and found a bunch of salad combinations for my January salad kick.  Join in!


Lulu the Baker said…
I've never heard of Tessemae's, but I'm always on the look-out for good bottled salad dressing! And if I find some good ones, it will help with my "Eat More Salad" resolution!
The Tessemae brand is SO GOOD! I love that they have minimal ingredients, they're free of most allergens (so great for paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, etc), and best of all, they're local! I love supporting them and trying all of their delicious dressings. I also use them as marinade - yum!
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