Queen of Valentine Hearts {non-candy love notes}

I love making valentine's with my kids.  I love not buying the store-bought Valentines that are lumped up on the shelves and look entirely un-thoughtful.  Sometimes it's hard to come up with exactly what that fabulously fabulous Valentine is going to be.  Which is why I was so thankful for my friend Chelsea's post last month featuring her cement Valentines!  Finally I knew what to do with that giant tub of Plaster of Paris I bought before Christmas!  Finally, an adorable Valentine that both boys and girls will dig!  Finally, something my children can EASILY help with!  Hooray!  

Pearl and I made tiny hearts using Plaster of Paris and heart ice molds from Ikea.  After the hearts dried, I set them loose with red and white paint and a lot of red glitter.  

I may or may not have purchased an entire case of playing cards a few years ago because - well, you never know.  So we mounted all of the little hearts on "hearts."  That's right, I picked through all of the playing cards to find only the hearts for this project.  After my children wrote their names on the back, I loaded them into clear bags and closed them with a sticker.  

Happy Valentine's Day!


Laicie said…
Oh my gosh, cutest Valentines card ever. I love that you picked out all of the hearts. :)

It was so good to meet you last week (two weeks ago? wow it took me a minute to recover...) at Alt!
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