Sneezing in style

Spring is coming in Seattle.  Which means my entire family has the sniffles for the next three months.    We blow through Kleenex like it's no joke.  I literally buy a case of it at Costco to keep up.  But I am not wild about the funky pastel colors that Kleenex usually comes in - at least in the Costco pack.  

I am wild about the new patterns that Kleenex is coming out with - they can be on the counter, on the nightstand, on the passenger seat of the car {yes, that's a thing} and I can love them.  There are fun patterns, fabulous bright colors, and swanky new box shapes - even cute little purse ones that are faux snakeskin!

To launch the new line of designer boxes, Kleenex is hosting a sweepstakes on their site though March 7, 2014 called "Catwalk or Kleenex?"  I played when I was in Salt Lake City - I didn't get them all right.  But by entering you could win a trip to New York City. 

To enter, visit and answer a series of questions asking you to identify which design is Kleenex brand and which design is from the catwalk. By taking the short quiz, consumers are automatically entered to win an all-expense paid trip to New York City to find his/her Kleenex brand style with a famous designer. The winner will also receive $5,000 spending money for a NYC shopping spree. Entry is open January 13, 2014 through March 7, 2014 and limited to once per promotion period.
Kleenex boxes ℅  The Kleenex Company
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