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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Feather Arrows

I've been feeling all kinds of obsessed with arrows this February.  Mostly for the obvious Valentine/Cupid association.  But also, just loving on them in general.  You can make your own Valentine themed arrows just in time for the holiday.  I think a bunch of these would make a lovely gift.  Or just a lovely centerpiece.  Or lovely hanging on the wall.  I'm into it.  

You'll need
Wood Dowel cut to 3 foot lengths and painted black
Electrical Tape
Pink Feathers
Sticky Back felt cut into two hearts

Step 1 ::  Tape the feather to one end of the dowel.
Step 2 ::  Adhere one heart to the other end of the dowel.
Step 3 ::  Line up the second heart on top of the first heart and press flat.

1 comment:

Melissa C said...

Love this! I'm an arrow fan so an arrow DIY applies to all year long festivities not just Valentine's. ;)