Endless Summer Projects :: A Scavenger Hunt

When I was young, I loved to do scavenger hunts.  I loved to make them and I loved to be a part of them.  I am so excited that my kids are finally old enough to start following along with a scavenger hunt - both for patience and reading ability!

The rules of a scavenger hunt are simple.  Lead your friends from one place to the other until the end up at the end where you have a treat waiting {I usually opt for something like a bucket of water balloons or a popsicle!}.  

I've attached a quick and fun scavenger hunt that most of you can do in your backyard.  Can't do some of them?  Make up your own!  Here's the scoop::

- Print out the below scavenger hunt pdf
- Cut out each clue
- Hide the clues - but keep one out for the first clue!
- When hiding the clues, be sure to always be leading them to the next one.  For example, the STOP SIGN clue would be hidden under the flamingo.
- At the last clue hide something fun!

This project is a part of Endless Summer Projects, a collaboration between Alexandra Hedin, Classic Play, Pars Caeli, Lulu the Baker, and This Heart of Mine to bring you fabulous summer projects for the whole family for the whole summer.

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