Endless Summer Projects :: Collapsable Cardboard House

Last month I talked Mr. Hedin into building a play house for the children - it's nothing fancy, but enough for a little imagination play in the yard.  And hopefully enough to keep them busy this summer.  I should have waited and built this amazing collapsable cardboard house that my girl Amy Christie made today!  Can you believe the awesomeness?  Click here for instructions on building your own!

This project is a part of Endless Summer Projects, a collaboration between Alexandra Hedin, Classic PlayPars Caeli, Lulu the Baker, and This Heart of Mine to bring you fabulous summer projects for the whole family for the whole summer. 


MJ @ parscaeli said…
Ooh, I hope we get to see photos of Mr. Hedin's creation, too! And, yes, this is total awesomeness. xoxo, MJ
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