Statue of Liberty Glitter Crowns

I think dressing up for the Fourth of July is mandatory.  At least a shirt with starts and stripes on it.  But then I started looking at the Statue of Liberty crown and I thought "There's something so fun and patriotic about this..."  Then when I found glitter paper at the craft store - this crown was born.  Pearl is ecstatic.  

You'll need
1 sheet craft paper
hot glue + gun
plastic head band 

Step 1  ::  Print out template and trace onto the glitter paper
Step 2  ::  Cut out of glitter paper
Step 3  ::  Fold the bottom of the crown along the fold lines
Step 4  ::  Glue folded bottom to the plastic headband.

BTW, in case I haven't told you, there's a video.  It's awesome.  And stay tuned for tomorrow because I have something really cool + I'm on Q13 FOX News in the morning at 8:45am!  Tune in and I'll see you on the Fourth!

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