Weeknight Party Girl :: Raddish Kids

Today is the first day of school!  I can't believe this year I have all three of my children attending some kind of school.  It's an extremely celebratory day for me.  

Everyday before school I make my kids a hot breakfast.  Usually it's me working as quickly as possible to get breakfast cooked, lunches packed and children dressed.  They don't help.  But I want them to help.  And I want them to love cooking as much as I do.  

Raddish Kids is a new subscription box that gets your kids in the kitchen, gives them loads of information on food, skills, and a little craft.  The recipe cards are all in pictures, so Lars read all of the instructions for us.  

My kids and I made blueberry pancakes together.  And we totally will again.  Maybe even in the morning before school.  Maybe.

If you have kids, you should absolutely check out Raddish Kids and subscribe for yourself!



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